How to Weather the Storm in Volatile Markets: Takeaways from IALC’s Event

How to Weather the Storm in Volatile Markets: Takeaways from IALC’s Event

On April 20th, the IALC hosted a panel event in DC, “Weathering the Storm: Navigating Volatile Markets,” aimed at facilitating discussion about savings and financial strategies in today’s unpredictable economy.

IALC Executive Director Jim Poolman was joined by other industry professionals and policymakers to discuss major challenges Americans face today when it comes to planning for retirement and responsibly managing their money during stock market swings. Panelists included Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA), Congressman French Hill (R-AR), Jen Mishory, Executive Director, Young Invincibles, Will Hurley, CEO, Honest Dollar, Eric Hoplin, President, Financial Services Roundtable, and Virginia Reno, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Retirement & Disability Policy at the Social Security Administration.


Amy Hinojosa, Financial Literacy Trainer at Wiser interviews Jim Poolman, Executive Director of the IALC

 Below are 3 major takeaways from the expert panelists to keep in mind when you’re planning for your own retirement:

  • “Sitting with a financial planner and using a retirement calculator can help you determine where you are, where you want to be, and the savings vehicles to help you get there. Corporate retirement plans are not the only way to reach retirement- vehicles, like Fixed Indexed Annuities, can help reach aimed income goals. ” – Jim Poolman, Executive Director IALC
  • “No matter how much you’re making, you can find 10%. Pay yourself first, then pay the rest of your bills.”- Eric Hoplin, President, Financial Services Roundtable
  • “Repayment of debt is savings. It’s not always seen that way, but it is a step in the right direction.” – Congressman French Hill (R-AR)

Retirement plans come in all different shapes and sizes, based on your own unique needs, current finances, and dreams for the future. No matter the direction you plan to take your journey, keeping a balanced portfolio with risk and conservative options, like FIAs, and referencing tips shared by the event’s panelists, can set you on a path to a successful and enjoyable retirement.

Couldn’t make the event? You can watch the video of all the panelists on The Hill website, including highlights and quotes.

You can also check out pictures from the event here.


Source: Indexed Annuity Insights

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